Al Khalili Group

About Us

Khalili Group ...

We are a group of companies with different activities, our services include general trading and contracting, security services and military, management of commercial agencies where we are exclusive distributor for some well-known companies.

Our experience  also has  activity in the manufacture of mineral water bottles and we have our masterly activity in banking services and cash, as well as our work include oil drilling equipment...

We always aspire to your satisfaction ... We are working hard  in order to reach to the top, and strive to be always in the top list..


Company in Brif :
We, Al Khalili Companies Group Ltd . the company is registered at
Ministry of planning and Development cooperation , Republic of Iraq ,
commenced our business by small scale company branded (Al Khalili Group LTD. ) and then step by step and upon the insist and hard
efforts from the chairman and members of directors board quickly and
accurately so that the company becomes big group.




About Us